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The Devil Print

The Devil Print


△ Addiction, Enslavement, Fears

6x10in Inkjet Matte Print on Photo Quality 125lb Paper

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Astrological Ruling: Capricorn


△ Addiction, Enslavement, Fears

The Devil alludes to your negative behaviors and patterns that restrain you from moving forward in life. These are often illusions of imprisonment where you feel shackled to your problems, however you have the choice to break free or walk away at any point in time. The Devil resides in the depths of doubts, where you give way to your addictions and fears, almost like staying in a bad relationship because it’s familiar. It’s time to reevaluate your relationship with the Devil – if this relationship is serving you, and to realize that you have the power to walk away whenever you want. The shackles are a figment of your imagination and are within your control – you have the power to break free! The Devil is also a sign that you may have come obsessed with materialism, on a solo pursuit of obtainment and conquests. Check back in with your higher self and see if this aligns with your values.


▽ Awareness, Breaking Free, Empowerment

You have become aware of your codependent relationships and addictions and are making moves to break free from the chains that have been holding you back from moving forward. You are open to a different way of living, even though it is scary to make those changes because they have become so familiar. However, the familiarity is not healthy and you have decided to empower yourself to choose another path. The journey to the road ahead will not be easy – you will have to battle your inner demons who run rampant, throwing your inner fears and anxieties as a form of their own power. However, you will gain control back by eliminating the negativity and introducing more positive energies into your life.

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