Grace, I wasn’t able to attend this live but listened to the playback. I am so happy that I signed up for this class. It was so great. The meditation was so powerful. I was able to connect with my ancestors and receive very clear messages from them. Everything was very helpful and I was able to do the reading for myself and offer it to others. Keep doing the work you do as it is helping so many of us. Much Love, Lore
Wow! I really enjoyed the "How to Build Your Spiritual Business" workshop with Grace. I loved that it felt casual without sacrificing any crucial content. I got so much out of it and I'm already putting details to use as I work on building my own business. Will definitely look out for more courses in the future and I'm excited for the Intuitive Tarot Course in August. Thank you! - Rachel
I seriously cant’t stop staring at these tarot cards that one of my favorite artists, @grace.duong made, so so excited to learn how to use them 💫 #mysticmondays”
Let me just say. Your art is MIND BLOWING. I can’t get over it. Your deck is captivating. It sparks every corner of my intuition. I’ve only had mine for 3-4 days & I already have a relationship that feels like besties with it. You created something truly amazing.
Thank you for creating the most thoughtful and beautiful deck with spot on and relatable interpretations. #mysticmondays is the most connected I've ever felt to my tarot practice. 💕✨💕✨


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