Hi, I’m Grace!

I’m the artist, author, and founder of Mystic Mondays!

It all started with a Tarot deck that I crowdfunded on Kickstarter! I couldn’t have imagined that making decks would be my full-time thing now, but the Universe seemed to have other plans for me 😉 And it keeps on growing and expanding in wonderful ways! 

My wish is that the Mystic Mondays decks, courses, app, community, and all my offerings bring you more everyday magic into your life ✨

Thanks for supporting Mystic Mondays and my magical small business 💖

Grace Duong
Creator of Mystic Mondays

Welcome to Mystic Mondays!

And we’re so happy to see you here 👽

Our tagline is “Everyday Magic Starts Here” because we believe Mondays get a bad rep. Mondays are known as a day to get back into the grind, where the fun is over just because your weekend is over. We say nonsense! We believe that Mondays can be a fresh start to connect back to your intentions for that day, week, month, year basically whenever you need them! The truth is, you can connect back to your intentions whenever you’d like. Let Mondays be that fresh start for you to remind yourself of your own inner magic, that was always there to begin with! ✨

Everyday Magic Starts Here

🌎 Our mission is to fill the void with vibrant magic, through spiritual wellness and daily rituals.

💫 We do this by creating innovative products, resources, and experiences that invoke everyday magic, where the Mystic Mondays community can transcend inner awareness into outer reality. 

💖 Mystic Mondays Values

Our values are the core of everything we do and acts as our North Star that guides us forward 💫


Invoking imagination & creativity



Aligning our actions with purpose



Saturated with bright energy



Future forward ideation



Always reaching for beyond

Mystic Mondays Timeline

Let’s travel through time and space, shall we? ✨

December 2016

After a Tower year, Grace locked herself in her apartment and creates the first 22 Major Arcana cards. She hand makes these cards with her home printer, glues the backs together, and starts mailing them out to share with others.

May 2017

The Mystic Mondays Kickstarter launched on May 15, 2018 🚀 To Grace's amazement, within 5 minutes a complete stranger has backed the project and within 1 hour Kickstarter selects it as a "Project We Love".

October 2017

Grace hosts a pop-up and solo art exhibit at Urban Outfitters Space15Twenty in Los Angeles with a series of workshops including tarot reading, aura photos, moon beaming, sound healing, and more spanning October 27-31.

October 2018

After experiencing most of her self-published stock of the Mystic Mondays Tarot damaged during shipping, Grace cold-emails one publisher, Chronicle Books and submits her deck. That same year, Chronicle Books publishes it, which is unusual for the publishing industry!

April 2019

Grace is invited to speak at a lecture about Tarot at the Philadelphia's Magic Gardens to talk about her experience as a deck creator.

August 2019

Grace is invited to BeautyCon Los Angeles where she sets up the booth and is recognized by Thrive Global as one of the "10 Brands that Completely Impressed at BeautyCon".

October 2019

Grace is invited to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to host a Tarot workshop in tandem with their Tarot art exhibit.

October 2019

Grace joins the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit, Michigan to showcase the Mystic Mondays brand and app.

March 2020

Grace hosts a series of Tarot workshops at Macy's in Manhattan Herald Square, New York. Macy's also showcased the Mystic Mondays Tarot as wallpaper for their month themed self-care and wellness, featuring the Mystic Mondays Tarot and other wellness products in multiple stores across the United States.

March 2020

Grace gives an author talk at the Chronicle Books Headquarters in San Francisco, California.

December 2020

The Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck is published with Running Press on December 1, 2020. This is Mystic Mondays' second deck!

March 2021

Grace launches a crowdfunding campaign for the Mystic Mondays App on iFundWomen.com and crowdfunds $27,981. She matches donations during a time window to contribute to the rising hate crimes in America.

November 2021

Grace is invited to the Chanel 100 Year Anniversary as their Tarot Reader for the celebration at the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, New York.

February 2022

The Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck is published with Running Press on February 1, 2022. This is Mystic Mondays' third deck!

September 2022

Grace joins Chanel Atelier in Soho, NYC to celebrate their members with a night of tarot reading.

February 2023

The Mystic Mondays Astro Alignment Deck is published with Running Press on February 28, 2023. This is Mystic Mondays' fourth deck!

March 2023

Grace hosts an event with Shopify NY in Soho, New York to celebrate the Astrology New Year. Panelists include brands Sanctuary app, AstroTwins, and Pink Moon.

April 2023

Grace launches the GRACED podcast where she and guests talk about everyday magic in your everyday life and feature Tarot cards as themes for the episodes. Guests include Alana Fairchild, Adam J. Kurtz, Biddy Tarot, and many more!

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