Alligator - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

Ancient, Intentional, Digestion


With an appetite for life, the Alligator leads the way for you to digest new nuggets of information, expanding your knowledge and wisdom with its every bite. You are activating ancient consciousness, a reptilian primal energy that existed long before your time, having survived and adapted into the Cosmic Creature that it is now. With eyes on top of its head, the Alligator gives you foresight and clairvoyance, the ability to see beyond what is obvious and tap into a higher source of information. The Alligator also offers you an enhanced alertness, as it picks up signals from frequencies beyond human hearing and sends you new opportunities that seem to appear from thin air. However, the Alligator moves with intention, so you can decide which opportunities are truly to your benefit. Tap into your survival skills, using your intuition as a primary source to guide you toward the prosperous life you seek.

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