Armadillo - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

On Guard, Defense, Boundaries


Pay attention! The Armadillo, with its natural shield of armor embedded on its back, offers you the gift of protection from harm. Be on the defensive and look out for any possible threats. As you come in tune with your inner wisdom, you will be able to see danger from afar, but for now keep a watchful eye for any predators lurking nearby. Ground into safety with your root chakra, the center of security and the color of blood, your vital life force. What helps you feel secure? Is your safety reliant on external matters? If it is, the Armadillo asks you to craft a home within, so no matter where you are, your safe place is always available to burrow into. At this time, your boundaries are being tested, and you must learn how to prioritize your needs. Define what your lines are so that you know when they are being crossed. The more you honor your own boundaries, the more you set an example for how others should treat you.

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