Bat - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

Transition, Shapeshifting, Heightened Senses


Supersonic and perceptive beings of winged mystery, Bats swoop in and bring transition, rebirth, and heightened awareness. Highly sensitive, the Bat takes extra care in navigating its surroundings, producing sound waves above human hearing, which allow them to move fluidly through the dark. With this gift, you can hear what is not being said and read the room with intuitive understanding. As the only mammals that can fly, Bats bring their warm-blooded and social nature to their relationships, keeping close ties with their loved ones. Communication is of utmost importance, especially since their colonies can grow up to the thousands! Shapeshifter of the night, the Bat can take you to the depths of darkness, bringing you through unimaginable worlds to reach your light. Transform your negative beliefs and release the power they have over you. Tell your untold stories and let yourself be heard.

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