Bear - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

Warrior, Grounding, Strength


Acting as a grounding and stabilizing force, the Bear offers confidence in the face of harsh conditions. You will be challenged and put to the test, but the Bear gives you an advantage—the impenetrable power of your warrior spirit. You won’t go down without a fight, and the Bear will aid you by giving you the courage to rise up to the occasion. Others will naturally respect you as they sense this authority emanating from your aura and see your ability to govern your inner landscape as a leader with both compassion and integrity. In many traditions, the Bear is intricately linked with the shaman, invoking powerful healing abilities and the capacity to transcend worlds. Look to heal the wounds of your inner warrior, where you’ve been battered and hurt, and know that the Bear is here to provide protection for any battlefield on which you find yourself.

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