Beaver - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

Inventiveness, Tenacity, Engineering


Where there’s a will, there’s a way! The Beaver displays a burst of creativity and an upbeat persistence that cannot be dampened. These creatures are industrious in their movements and incredibly resourceful natural builders, using anything from rocks to tree branches, vegetation, and even mud to construct their dams. They are engineers of their environment, able to carry a project out from blueprint to 3D model. The Beaver aids you in seeing a project through to completion and encourages you to rely on your wits for guidance when you’re lacking resources. Be creative! As you envision your finished product, how can you reinvent the wheel and put your own spin on it? The Beaver gives you tenacity, follow-through, and ingenious problem-solving. When you’re feeling stuck, summon the Beaver to guide you with precision and diligence, allowing you to identify your blocks so you can break through your personal dams.

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