Camel - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Journey, Oasis, Reserve


In the hot desert, the Camel treads across the sand underneath the beaming sun—a searing landscape that only the toughest can handle. The Camel guides you to find your own inner oasis, regardless of the climate of your current situation. Find your happy place and retreat into it whenever you need space to restore and restock your reserves. This doesn’t have to be a physical spot—it can also be a stillness in the mind. The Camel is able to travel long distances, carrying the weight of hopes, promises, and treasures from faraway lands. Summon the Camel to help you with your own pilgrimage, journeying from one land to another and bringing the depths of your own identity into a new world. The Camel reminds you that you can handle the tough terrain—and can off-load burdens that are weighing you down. You are in it for the long haul, which you are more than ready for.

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