Cat - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Curiosity, Mystery, Independence


Prowling along the edge of prophecy, the Cat slinks through dimensions, walking between portals of existence and illusion. Known as an animal of the night, the Cat is a symbol for witchcraft and carries the enigmas of the dark arts, imbued with mystery and secrets left untold. The Cat guides you to unveil your own magic by following your curiosity, taking back your personal power in the process. What lights you up? What have you been meaning to do but have been waiting for the right time to start? The Cat brings patience, as it takes its time before pouncing on its prey, just as you will when you jump on the right opportunities. The Cat offers you fierce independence as you pursue your dreams, granting balance and the ability to hold your own between your home life and social life. This brings you to explore the duality that is within—light and dark, feminine and masculine, soft and strong. There is space for it all.

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