Chameleon - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning

Versatility, Incognito, Camouflage


The Chameleon can camouflage itself, choosing to stand out, loud and proud, or fade into the background. Highly sensitive to the environment, with its help you may be able to pick up the energy of whatever room you’re in. Following your instincts, you can discern when to show off your talents and when to hide them. Sometimes it’s best to go incognito until you’re ready to reveal your work in progress. You’re constantly moving, and there is never a still moment for you! The Chameleon can guide you through wild shifts—as you confidently step into the spotlight one moment and feel insecure and withdrawn the next. The Chameleon asks that you embrace these parts of yourself and accept each moment for what it is—a fleeting passage of time. The Chameleon is awakening your intuition—the part of you that moves with knowing. Soak up information through your senses and lay your analytical mind to rest.

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