Coral - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Detachment, Mastery, Potency


Nice and steady, Coral emphasizes the importance of a strong and sturdy foundation for whatever you choose to build. Coral resides underwater, and with every shift in current, Coral holds strong because it is extremely grounded on the ocean floor. No matter what emotions swirl around you, stay rooted to the core of your being, and you will be able to withstand any storms ahead. It’s easy to get swept up by the drama of others or even your own emotions, but Coral reminds you that your emotions are not your identity and to detach yourself from them when you feel yourself getting carried away. Emotions come and go, but you are here to stay. This awareness builds trust within yourself, and others can rely on you to offer an objective and diplomatic view, influenced by the data. Coral promotes peace and mastery, becoming still in the face of chaos.

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