Deer - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Gentle, Vigilance, Innocence


Compassionate and kind, the Deer gently nudges you to acknowledge all your sensitivities as strengths. As a natural peacekeeper, the Deer creates harmonious environments and relationships for all beings to work in together. Like a gentle beam of sunlight through the branches of the forest, the tranquility of the Deer is available when we receive the blessings of Mother Nature. As simple as they may be, these gifts are bountiful, and the Deer steers you toward your own forest, the happy place you can return to whenever you need to regain your sense of peace. The Deer’s antlers fall off its head and grow back several times over the course of its lifetime, symbolizing regeneration and the new chapters that we enter as we mature and grow. Although gentle, the Deer is vigilant and assertive and asks that you stay awake to attacks and defend yourself when necessary. Give your heart to those who deserve it.

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