Dolphin - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Compassion, Playfulness, Harmony


Laughing is contagious, and the Dolphin asks that you spread the joy! A highly intelligent and playful mammal, the Dolphin is a reminder to have more fun and not take life so seriously. With lighthearted abandon let go of the expectations that you’ve set for yourself and enjoy each moment for what it is. Invite more flow into your everyday and let that guide you as you keep swimming along. The Dolphin symbolizes peace and harmony, especially with your community! Dolphins are social creatures that swim in pods, and they use their strength in numbers wisely. Remember that you can always rely on the support of your community and ask for help when you need it. With its unmatched intelligence, the Dolphin synchronizes mind, body, and spirit in unison, creating the space for more fluidity and joy to occur. Follow your instincts and believe in your brilliance.

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