Dragonfly - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Evolution, Adaptation, Growth


When the Dragonfly flies into your life, you are being asked to adapt to the circumstances at hand. Change is coming, whether you like it or not, and how you react will be a test of your character. The Dragonfly aids you in upholding your integrity, perseverance, and flexibility, testing your faith in the process. The Dragonfly appears to remind you of your higher power, that even though you are being thrown into the hands of fate, you have everything at your disposal to handle whatever comes your way. The Dragonfly can change direction with ease, creating flight patterns that often appear effortless. Once you get the hang of these cycles, you too will be generating your own flight patterns and will be able to navigate these curveballs with ease. The Dragonfly invites you to look at the silver lining. Ask yourself, “Why is this showing up for me and what can I learn from it?” Only then will you grow.

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