Duck - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Safety, Comfort, Community


Wading in the water, Ducks glide effortlessly in the realm of emotions, encouraging you to explore your unconscious impulses. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your feelings with your community—you are more supported than you may realize. The Duck values its flock and tends to go with the flow for the sake of keeping the peace. You are a protector of harmony, preferring to coast on the water and stay on a clear path. Entanglements and confrontations can easily affect you, as you have a soft spirit and a big heart. It’s important to maintain boundaries to keep your head above water! The Duck can both swim and fly, paddling on the ripples of emotions to then soar into the freedom of the sky. Explore your emotional world and get comfortable there. The Duck tends to stay in its comfort zone, which is where you feel safe. The sky will always be there when you’re ready to fly.

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