Eagle - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Soar, Loyalty, Trust


Resilient and brave, the Eagle allows you to soar to new heights! Take a bird’s-eye view and see if you are in true alignment with your path. The Eagle is able to stalk its prey, capturing those that are wounded and ill, which prevents the spread of disease. Eagles are seen as healers in this regard, ending the unnecessary suffering of another with precision and swiftness. The Eagle gives you the gift of sight, as it is able to pinpoint the minute details that can easily be missed. In relationships, the Eagle has a unique mating ritual, dancing with its partner in the sky as they lock talons, plunging and soaring with complete trust in one another. Eagles mate for life and can show up as a teacher when you are ready to commit to your relationships. How can you maintain a strong sense of self while being loyal to another? Allow your shared commitments to give you a boost in trust, faith, and love.

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