Elephant  - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Heritage, Family, Loyalty


A gentle giant, the Elephant has a commanding presence and projects authority. The Elephant asks you to step up your leadership skills to build your community into the harmonious herd you envision. Family is of paramount importance to the Elephant, and its presence asks you to think about the relationship you have with yours—whether related by blood or chosen. When the Elephant is present, you are viewed as a steady force, offering kindness and leading with a compassionate heart. Pay respect to your ancestors and cast a vision for your descendants. Notice if anyone around you feels like they’ve been with you for lifetimes—this person is a part of your soul family, remaining with you through many incarnations. How committed are you to the communities you belong to? The Elephant guides you to cast aside self-interest for the time being and connect more deeply with the people you call family. Your heritage gives you clues every single day.

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