Firefly - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Illuminate, Glow, Hope


The unassuming Firefly appears quite ordinary in daylight; however, its magic turns on at night as it illuminates against the dark sky as if one with the stars. The Firefly lights a path for you to shine and asks you to forgo the world of external appearances to look within. Give yourself permission to ignite your inner gifts. The light that Fireflies use is a means of communication, especially in mating rituals, with specific messages of attraction embedded in every flicker. The Firefly would like you to trust that you are drawing the right people into your life. Not everybody belongs in your circle, and those that do will find you. However, you must also lay the groundwork and meet the Universe halfway. Fine-tune your flicker and core beliefs, and you will attract those like-minded beings you’ve been waiting for. In doing so, you take on a conscious approach to life—it isn’t happening to you, it is happening for you.

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