Fish - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Fertility, Subconscious, Health


The Fish swims into our subconscious when we need to pay attention to what is lurking beneath the surface. Water is an element associated with emotions and the depth of feeling contained in your soul. If you dive deep enough, you may be surprised by what you find. The Fish is a sign of fertility, for where there is water, there is also life. For that reason, Fish are also seen as a sign of good health, containing vitality and nutrients. Like the womb, water nurtures, allowing flow and providing sustenance for growth. Water is home to the feminine, and the Fish acts as a messenger of the Divine Mother. In this realm, Fish support their communities, traveling with each other and uniting as one in schools. The Fish encourages you to seek support and bond with your community as you pursue your soul-searching. They can remind you of your truth, as you swim closer and closer to the depth of who you are.

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