Fly - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Grit, Multiplication, Survivor


The Fly is one of the most misunderstood Cosmic Creatures. Viewed as common pests, Flies can be seen as spreading gossip, annoyance, and hate, often appearing to reap the rewards of other people’s labor. But the Fly is incredibly important to the cycle of life, acting as nature’s janitor, cleaning up waste by consuming rotting matter, and preventing it from becoming landfill or litter on the street. Flies also spread pollen and help fertilize the next generation of plants, acting as the bus drivers for new seedlings. While certainly not glamorous, the Fly honors its role in the cycle of life, as it possesses the grit and tenacity to be the unsung hero. Flies do what they need to do and get the job done. Flies multiply wherever they’re needed, so while they can spread messages of malice, they can also spread messages of abundance. When a Fly appears, know that you have what it takes to survive through anything.

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