Fox - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Cunning, Trickster, Sharpness


Take a look at your surroundings! The Fox is helping you sniff out deception, whether it is in relationships, business, or your environment. Look to see if anything is misleading or rubbing you the wrong way—pay attention to those signs. Trust your Fox instincts to decipher the truth. The Fox protects you from being taken advantage of and allows you to use your own discernment to guide the course of your decisions and actions. There’s more than one way of doing things, and the Fox teaches you to sharpen your senses. Although Foxes are active in the day, they are also nocturnal creatures and bring their activities into the night, which gives you a creative edge when concocting scenarios during dreams. Bring some humor into what you do! The Fox is a prankster, can sneak around undetected, and uses its wits to its advantage. Summon the Fox when you need the sharper edge.

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