Frog - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Leap, Detox, Vitality


Take the leap! The Frog invites you to think outside the box and reconstruct the framework of your mind, providing potent medicine to release limited thinking. It’s time to embrace possibilities! The Frog thrives in the element of water—a sign of cleansing, purity, and detoxification on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level. To remove a scarcity mindset, you must go to the source where these patterns originated. Look back to your childhood for any wounds you still carry today. Explore past lives and ancestral healing if you can’t identify where these blocks came from. It’s time to extricate yourself from old ties that no longer belong to you, as you embrace a new identity of vital life force for your entire being. This requires you to take a look at your own poison and how you yourself have been administering the dose. Clear this toxic energy by becoming aware of the part you’ve played in it.

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