Ladybug - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Good Luck, Miracles, Charm


The Ladybug is known as a good luck charm, amplifying fortune for those who are ready to receive it. Just as the Ladybug happily flies from flower to flower, this Cosmic Creature asks that you enjoy the journey. Take time to embrace the sweet nectar available to you and soak in the sun. The act of appreciation is how you call in even more abundance! The Ladybug asks you to take risks with confidence and be bold, while still maintaining your sense of modesty. Let the innocence of your dreams carry you forward, making it clear which flower you should land on next. The Ladybug smooths your transitions, providing lighthearted ease, grace, and simplicity. As it grows from a larva into a beautiful insect, the Ladybug shows you that transformation is possible over time. As you mature, you can call upon the Ladybug to protect you with its hard, glossy red shell, which will give you strength to step out boldly whenever you need to.

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