Lion - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Pride, Legacy, Courage


King of the jungle, the Lion wears its mane regally among its pride. The Lion is a natural-born leader, directing others with an authoritative ease. Inventive and perceptive, the Lion encourages you to step into a role of leadership and believe wholeheartedly in your vision. You are here to build a lasting contribution beyond your lifetime, which means that you need a strong team to help you do it. The legacy you create will take courage, willpower, and strength to get the wheels in motion, but you have all the resources in the world to do it, as you boldly set an example for others. The Lion points to the innate power you must tap into so you can maximize your efforts to the fullest. Be careful of your passion turning into anger, as this could be the quickest way to lose your devoted following. When you learn to channel that anger into constructive outlets, you will be an unstoppable force.

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