Moth - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Truth, Self-Worth, Authenticity


Like a Moth to a flame, you are drawn to the bright light of authentic truth! The Moth honors your unique path and illuminates who you are, releasing the expectations of who you “should” be in the world. As you grow into your power, your perspective begins to change. You are able to discern who belongs in your circle and who does not. The question is no longer, “Do they like me?” and is now, “Do I like them?” This is a subtle, yet commanding, distinction. You are realizing that you no longer need validation in order to be loved. Love is available in endless supply and you can give it to yourself whenever you need to. The Moth appears when you are ready to take off the masks you wear in society to please others or to manipulate and control what others may think of you. Letting go of this control can be the most liberating thing you do! Follow your truth and let that be your North Star.

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