Octopus - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Priorities, Multitasker, Disguise


An incredible multitasker, the Octopus has eight arms, nine brains, and three hearts and is able to juggle an assortment of activities as it moves through life. The Octopus gives you the power of managing your time with balance, ease, and confidence. With eight limbs—the number of abundance—the Octopus can open up a portal for prosperity, welcoming you into the infinity spiral of the eight. When you have your hands full, trust that you have enough time to handle it all, and if you don’t, ask yourself what needs to be prioritized. Decide what is worthy of your attention, as what you focus on will grow. A master of disguise, the Octopus can easily camouflage itself in its environment by changing the color of its skin and contorting its body into different shapes. The Octopus can help you go incognito, protecting your ideas until you’re ready to reveal them in all their glory.

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