Owl - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Wisdom, Intuition, Foresight


In the darkness of the night the Owl keeps guard, its eyes glimmering with clarity and impenetrable wisdom. The Owl sits perched between reality and the veil of the unknown, often delivering messages between the two worlds. The Owl connects you with your intuition, allowing you to see what others cannot. By turning on your dormant instincts and awakening you to your pure power, the Owl enables you to see through deceit to reveal the truth of the situation at hand. The Owl asks that you pay attention to synchronicities as your spiritual team communicates with you on a much higher frequency than before. You will have to explore what avenues they are using to speak to you and learn how to interpret those messages. If you dedicate yourself to this task, you’ll find that you were never alone and have always been guided on this path. Trust in your innate wisdom—the magic resides within you.

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