Oyster - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Pearl, Filter, Prosperity


A creature of the sea, the Oyster acts as a natural filter, cleaning up its environment by recycling pollutants and improving the quality of the water it inhabits. When the Oyster appears, you too may need to go through a filtering process to clear your mental and emotional state. What thoughts are serving you and what thoughts can you let go of? You may realize you are stuck in a pattern, preferring to keep yourself closed off, like the hard and tight shell of the Oyster. However, when you start to look at the lessons behind every experience, you will begin to find the hidden treasure. The Oyster produces pearls whenever an irritant sneaks inside its shell, and as a defense mechanism, the Oyster coats the irritant with nacre, eventually building up a pearl. What pearls can you harvest from your past? Once you count all the pearls you’ve acquired, you’ll realize how prosperous you were all along.

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