Panda - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Tranquility, Yin & Yang, Zen


In a state of zen, the Panda likes nothing more than to chew on bamboo, nourishing itself with proper nutrients and easing into the comfort of the moment. The Panda shows that you don’t need to live in excess and the bare minimum will suffice. Removing complexity could lead to greater joy. In other words, keep it simple! The black and white fur of the Panda indicates contrast, the duality of yin and yang, the integration of both feminine and masculine energies. No matter what gender you are, these energies exist in all of us, and by tapping into them, we learn to balance these parts of ourselves to become whole. The hard edges of black against white also underscore the importance of placing boundaries, especially with yourself. Have you been acting from a place of integrity? Resolve the inner conflict and instill peace by aligning your actions with your values.

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