Peacock - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Beauty, Integrity, Virtue


A regal bird, imbued with honor and glory, the Peacock embodies splendor and sophistication through its connection with beauty and reveals its power by showing its true colors. The Peacock reminds you to live according to your highest values and have the respect for yourself to move through the world with integrity and virtue. Your perspective is defined by a high set of morals, which help you navigate the world and hold your head up high when you encounter trouble. Summon the Peacock to help you handle these situations with class, keeping your vibration high when dealing with low-level beings. The Peacock protects your appearance, projecting a composed air when you need it the most. Embody your royalty and claim your throne! The Peacock shows you the keys to your kingdom, and it is up to you to choose how to rule over it. Surround yourself with beautiful things and let yourself be pampered—you deserve it!

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