Penguin - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Team, Allegiance, Network


There is order in chaos, and the Penguin guides you to find your center in the eye of the storm. Find your people that both expand and ground you, trusting that you can rely on your community. The Penguin is also a sign that your community could really use your talents and you have a unique contribution to offer. Tap into your social network, as you excel in connecting to others through different platforms, finding comradery in your commonalities. Teamwork makes the dream work, and nothing great was ever achieved alone. If you are building your dream, it’s time to start assembling a team that can help skyrocket you into success while providing support and stability in trying times. It can be challenging to balance all your tasks, but the Penguin is adept at adapting, reminding you that these moments are temporary, but the core of who you are will always remain the same.

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