Phoenix - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Alchemy, Rebirth, Creation


The ultimate keeper of fire, the Phoenix burns brightly with flickering flames, eternally gracing the worlds between the portals of death and rebirth. The Phoenix is a powerful creature of mythology, represented as the magnificent fire bird in cultures across the world. The Phoenix is full of fortitude, and it appears in your life to bring a message of second chances. At the end of its life, the Phoenix bursts into flames and is reborn again, rising from its ashes. You too, can rise from the ashes, strengthening your resolve to overcome any challenges you face. In your lifetime, you may meet many different versions of yourself, coming alive when you’re ready to be transformed. Let the element of fire transmute the old parts of you to be born again, creating a bigger, brighter version of yourself that your past selves would be proud of.

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