Pig - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Generosity, Abundance, Indulgence


Abundance is available to you! The Pig can sniff opportunities out of the dirt, drawing up bits of luck from nowhere. If you’ve been procrastinating, the Pig is telling you there is an opportunity right under your nose. The Pig moves on its own timetable, at its own pace, and measures success on its own terms. If you’ve been comparing your path to others, the Pig is showing you that is futile and the only way forward is to focus on your own way. Make your plans solid by creating your own footsteps in the mud and moving past any ruts. The Pig is heavily associated with the Earth, and so it is only natural that the Pig would love to enjoy earthly pleasures! Be careful of overindulgence and keep a healthy balance between needs and wants. A generous animal, the Pig also shares its wealth with others, amplifying abundance with reciprocity.

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