Praying Mantis - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Stillness, Patience, Strategy


The Praying Mantis waits patiently among the blades of grass, looking for the right time to strike and make its move. The Praying Mantis teaches you to be still, to expand the possibilities encapsulated in the moment in front of you. The Praying Mantis’s strategy is to plan ahead, looking at all the possible ways to get to its desired outcome. There is no linear path, but there are multiple doorways to walk through. The Praying Mantis asks that you release the “how” and connect to the “why” of your desires. Think about the ecosystem and everyone who is affected by your actions. The smallest ripple can create a big wave, with your decisions having more impact on others than you may realize. In this stillness, you can connect to the power within and attract the right cosmic energies to help you on your quest. When you release control, the Universe grants you many gifts.

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