Rabbit - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Longevity, Cleverness, Luck


Affectionate and kind, the Rabbit offers comfort and companionship whenever you need them. Quick on its feet, the Rabbit is a creative thinker and can solve problems with its clever wits. However not everyone may experience this side of Rabbits, as they can be quite shy—something they will have to overcome to share their brilliant ideas. If shyness is something you struggle with, the Rabbit is here to remind you that your talents are meant to be shared. You may need to get comfortable in your environment before letting your guard down, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to hop quickly over to the other side! Rabbits are resourceful and store food away in their burrows during cold winter months, not only surviving, but thriving and reproducing at rapid speeds. Because of this, Rabbits are viewed as abundant and fertile creatures. Summon the Rabbit whenever you need to amplify your luck!

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