Ram - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Leader, Warrior, Achievement


Grab life by the horns! The Ram boldly shows you the way to step outside your comfort zone and embody the role of the leader. The road ahead will test and challenge you, and the Ram assists in providing much needed stamina for the journey ahead. The top of its head is flanked by two spiral horns, giving this Cosmic Creature a special power to activate your mental capabilities, combining imagination with initiation. You have the ability to envision the future, and the Ram is a sign to take action to build your ideal tomorrow. The Ram is a warrior, charging headfirst to achieve its goals and reach new heights. Follow your curiosity to stimulate your greatest asset— your mind—as you will be surprised where it leads you. Remove obstacles by reframing your thoughts: there are many ways to solve a problem. The Ram expands your horizons by encouraging you to absorb as much knowledge as you can. With knowledge comes power.

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