Rat - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Nimble, Resourceful, Grit


When the Rat scurries into your life, you are being asked to keep pushing for your dreams. It’s not going to be easy, but if you keep going, the hard work will eventually pay off. The Rat is highly adaptable and can find resources when things appear to be scarce. This gives the Rat a survivor’s mentality, and it does whatever it needs to in order to live another day. That’s the mindset that you will have to take on, especially when your ambitions are as high as the sky. The Rat takes risks, even putting itself in life-threatening situations. Although you don’t necessarily have to go to these lengths, the Rat is a sign that you can make it through scary circumstances. Know that this is just a moment in time and better things are yet to come. Today, you can be scrappy, and tomorrow can be another day. The Rat implores you to use your resources and not be wasteful. Stretch your abilities to multiply your efforts.

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