Seahorse - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Anchor, Treasure, Gender Roles


Acting as a guide to the watery depths, the Seahorse roams the waters as content as can be. Through its conception, the Seahorse has stayed within its bodily structure, not feeling the need to change or conform, but instead fully embracing the exoskeleton that it is in. In a rare occurrence in the animal kingdom, the male Seahorse carries and gives birth to the babies, transcending gender roles. Ask yourself how gender functions in your life as this could be a sign to let go of stereotypes of masculine and feminine. In ancient cultures, the Seahorse could be a sign of good luck when searching for treasure. By curling its tail around sea flora and acting as an ground, the Seahorse can ride through turbulent waters, a reminder to identify what helps anchor you when you are facing challenges. Although small, the Seahorse is strong. Little shifts can bring massive surprises!

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