Shark - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Power, Risk-Taker, Motion


Go in for the kill! The Shark, although a peaceful predator, asks you to take chances and make calculated risks. The only way you will know if it will work is if you try. Don’t fall prey to regrets. Instead, step into your power and, with intention, clearly state what you want. The Shark cannot see well, so it relies on its gut instincts and encourages you to do the same. With all this pent-up energy, the Shark implores you to release your emotions through healthy outlets, especially ones in which you are moving your body. The simple act of being in motion and tuning in to your body can kick-start your plans, so use that surge of energy to ride the current to the next wave. The Shark wants you to know that you don’t have to wait for permission. Decide for yourself what is right, and the rest will appear, with the Universe meeting you halfway.

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