Sloth - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Ease, Diplomacy, Leisure


Take it easy! The Sloth spends its days among the treetops, lounging around in eternal ease. When the Sloth appears in your path, it is a sign to chill out and enjoy the pleasures of life. There is no rush and no destination— there is simply right here and right now. Even when faced with decisions, the Sloth likes to ruminate and think on its next course of action, seeing many perspectives and evaluating all sides. Because of this, Sloths are very diplomatic in nature, acting as the liaison between parties and bringing them together with a sense of unity. Sloths are altruistic in nature, finding the best in every person they meet and every situation they come across. An introspective animal, the Sloth is the classic daydreamer, thinking up new ideas but rarely taking action on them. There’s time to ponder, and there’s time to do. But for now, enjoy this moment for what it is—space for you to simply be.

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