Snail - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Spiral, Observant, Slow


What’s the rush? The Snail is here to remind you that this precious moment is a gift in itself. When things seem to be taking longer than expected, ask yourself—are you enjoying the process? What destination are you trying to reach? If you are holding on to conditions over whether to allow yourself joy “if” and “when” you get somewhere, you are missing the point. Like the spiral on the Snail’s shell, time is not linear. Therefore, your journey will often take you to places you may not expect! Connect to your center, to the core of your being. You are not just a destination, and your worth is not reliant on how much you produce. The Snail encourages you to embrace simplicity and go at your own pace. This means finding the balance between how much to trust and how much to protect yourself. Build sustainable rituals and have patience. The best is yet to come!

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