Snake - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Catalyst, Transformation, Shed Skin


When the Snake slithers into your awareness, you are being transformed, shedding old skin, sloughing old layers of yourself that no longer fit this bigger and brighter version of you. Change is a catalyst for growth, and you are no stranger to challenges that have morphed your beliefs and the way you move in the world. The Snake reveals to you that having control is an illusion and the only sense of control lies within. Your power is ready to be reclaimed! Kundalini energy is said to be like the Snake, coiled at the root of your spine, and when activated, it shoots up the column of vertebrae, awakening the body to the source of your higher power. The Snake gives you energy to heal, to rest, and to stay low as you integrate this process into your everyday life. Ground yourself to remind you of your connection to the Earth, as the Snake guides you toward your spiritual awakening.

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