Tiger - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Strength, Power, Majestic


Strong and majestic, the Tiger offers you the willpower to overcome any challenges that come your way. Obstacles can test us, drawing out internal reserves we may not have been aware of. It takes courage, tenacity, and determination to reach your goals, and the Tiger can help direct you when you have a clear idea of what your path is, accompanying you from point A to point B. Otherwise, the Tiger advises you to choose what you focus on wisely. Although the Tiger is powerful and capable of traveling far distances, it also takes great care in resting and prioritizing cycles of restoration. Check your energy levels as you pursue your latest adventure—recover when you need to so you can activate your fullest potential when you’re ready. Rely on your primal instincts, and when the right opportunity comes . . . pounce! It’s time to own your essential power.

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