Turtle - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Peace, Persistence, Pace


Slow and steady, the Turtle urges you to move at your own pace. While the Turtle is slow moving on land, it is actually quite agile in the water, following seasonal currents to its destination with its power to swim—even against the current! As a symbol of the Earth, the Turtle reminds us to access our center of peace and tranquility. We can get easily discouraged when we compare ourselves to others, but when we focus on our innate gifts and how we can serve, we release judgment over where we are in comparison to our peers. The Turtle reminds you to concentrate on your tasks at hand and to measure your success by your own standards. This increases your sense of mindfulness, allowing you to set your own pace and run in your own race. With persistence and steady effort, eventually you will get to your destination. Sometimes, slowing down is exactly what you need in order to speed up.

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