Unicorn - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Unique, Purity, Magic


A creature of pure magic, the Unicorn appears in your life when you are being guided toward the most authentic parts of yourself, a journey not for the faint of heart. This discovery of what makes you truly unique can be met with a lot of naysaying and doubt, but the Unicorn keeps you on track by reminding you of what is pure in your soul, the truth of who you are. The Unicorn represents innocence and asks you to connect with the childlike parts of you more often. This inner child can guide you to your heart’s greatest pleasures, if you allow it to lead the way. The Unicorn gives you courage to follow your dreams and lets you know it is safe to pursue your calling. Providing protection to the pure of heart, the Unicorn is powered by possibilities, showing you your unlimited potential when you believe in your own special power. Follow your magic and trust in your unique gifts.

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