Vulture - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Death, Scavenger, Transition


Death is near when the Vulture emerges, as the Vulture feeds off dead and decaying animals. When the Vulture glides into your view, danger is near and it is time to be on high alert! What are you avoiding? Take this as a warning that something is afoot. Death is also a sign of transformation—the death of an old identity in order for a new one to emerge. The Vulture waits for the right opportunity to feed. As the flesh starts to rot, bacteria multiply over the surface of the dead animal and excrete toxic chemicals to break down tough skins for easy access. Therefore, the Vulture asks that you wait for the right opportunities to swoop in for the kill. Like the Fly, the Vulture feeds off decay, but it also cleanses the decay from the environment by absorbing it. The Vulture encourages you to be resourceful and look to your own wits to solve the problems in front of you. Remember to keep it simple.

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