Whale - Cosmic Creatures Card Meaning
Wisdom, Vessel, Depth


Possessing wisdom as deep as the ocean and intuition as wide as the eye can see, the Whale is a vessel of the mysterious unconscious, breaking the surface of the water every time it needs to breathe. The Whale implores you to dive deeper into your soul and explore the emotions that run through you. Water represents emotion, and often emotions lie beneath the surface, cycling through our bodies, unseen but felt. The Whale asks you to regulate your mind and emotions, becoming the commander of your ship, so that things don’t pressurize and shoot up through the blowhole! Sometimes we numb ourselves to feel better, but the Whale encourages you to go down to the bottom of the ocean and face your deepest fears. Connect with the cosmic power of water and all of this element you hold in the vessel of your body. Big things are coming—you’ve just got to wait for the right wave.

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