Ametrine Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Ametrine - Crystal Card Meaning

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Crystal Grid Reference Guide

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Keywords: Energetic, Intuitive, Connected

Chakra: Third Eye

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto

Zodiac: Libra


A combination of Amethyst and Citrine, Ametrine opens the pathways between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. With a sunny disposition, this stone can alleviate stress during challenging life transitions. With the ability to go beyond the surface, Ametrine brings the shadowy parts of us to light, healing deep wounds and trauma by confronting them directly. Ametrine encourages you to hop in the driver’s seat and take control over your life. Aiding in discernment and clarity, Ametrine gives you the confidence to take the lead.


Ametrine - Crystal Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Ametrine Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide
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