Auralite 23 Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Auralite 23 - Crystal Card Meaning

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Crystal Grid Reference Guide

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Keywords: Clarity, Focus, Higher Awareness

Chakra: Third Eye

Planet: Neptune

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces


Containing twenty-three different mineral energies, Auralite 23 can promote undeniable clarity and razor-sharp intuition. An ancient stone, Auralite 23 is especially talented in assisting with past life and ancestral healing. It enhances metaphysical abilities, raising the bar on your innate superpowers. Most of all, Auralite 23 can help you appreciate the human experience and that we are all multidimensional beings. By going within and becoming aware of your inner self, you will be able to show up more fully as your authentic self and who you are meant to be.


Auralite 23 - Crystal Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Auralite 23 Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide
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